Thyroid Symptoms – Hope and Healing

Have you recently gained weight you can’t lose?
Do you have less energy than you should?
Are you having chronic digestive problems?

Do you wish you knew the root cause of these symptoms that keep you from an energetic, active, happy life? It could be thyroid disease.

As the most trusted Thyroid Doctor in Walnut Creek, Dr. Ruscio can help.

Take a look below to see if you might need help.

  • FACT: 1 in 8 women will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime.

  • FACT: 60% of people suffering with thyroid symptoms don’t know they have a thyroid problem.

Are you ready to feel better?

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    Conventional medicine misses the diagnosis up to 80% of the time.

Are you experiencing any of the common signs of a thyroid disorder?

Dr. Ruscio, working in Walnut Creek, Danville, and Concord, and seeing patients virtually, has a proven track record of helping people just like you to:

Get more energy
Feel happy and hopeful again
Finally lose those unhealthy pounds

You don’t have to live with these symptoms.

Feeling down

Difficulty losing weight

Loss of energy


Brain fog

Loss of drive

Digestive problems

Unexplained fatigue


Unexplained weight gain or loss

Irritability or anxiety

Thinning hair

Lack of focus

Is your current treatment failing or your current doctor not helping you?

Many people are on thyroid medication, but still do not feel well. Others do not feel well and keep asking their doctor for help only to be told their lab tests are normal. This is because thyroid problems go far beyond looking at standard labs values of TSH and T4.

And many doctors simply treat your symptoms without asking the question: What is the root cause? Dr. Ruscio digs deeper to find and treat the underlying causes of your symptoms so you can return to health, regain your energy, regain happiness, and live your life again.

With Dr. Ruscio, you’ll find out

  • The hidden, root causes of thyroid problems and if they apply to you.
  • Which thyroid tests actually uncover thyroid disease.
  • Whether you have inflammation, toxicity, hormone imbalances, or hidden infections.
  • What you, personally, can do to start reversing your condition.
  • Which are the best, safe, and effective natural remedies and treatments.
  • Thyroid disorders can be reversed, freeing you from your symptoms, restoring you to health.

Let Dr. Ruscio help you find your personal health solutions.

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